First, put on your HR transmitter/strap.  Be sure the strap is snug around your lower chest making contact with your skin.  You can moisten the strap to ensure a good connection.

- With the standard or pro version, make sure you take any case off your device and push the included wireless receiver all the way in.

- With the bluetooth version, be sure to go into settings and turn on bluetooth.  You must also turn on bluetooth in the BioForce HRV app itself.

- Once you open the BioForce HRV app, touch edit in the lower right portion of the screen, this will pull up the bluetooth prompt, switch it to on.

If you have recently downloaded iOS 7 be sure to go into settings>>privacy>>microphone and enable BioForce HRV

Now that the HR transmitter/strap is in place and the wireless receiver is inserted (if necessary) you can open the BioForce HRV app.  

Make sure to have your volume on if using the bluetooth version.  To take a reading, lie down and relax.  

Once you see your heart rate close to your normal resting range, press start.  Your 2:30 test will begin once your heart rate stabilizes.