If you are experiencing difficulties in taking your BioForce HRV measurement reading, please follow the steps below in order.

The best way to troubleshoot is to determine whether the issue is with the connectivity (related to Pulse) or the Valid RR Int. This can be distinguished by checking if the "Pulse" is staying solid green. If the "Pulse" is solid green, then you have an issue with the "Valid RR Int." If the "Pulse" is flickering back and forth between green and red, you have a connectivity issue. 

If you're unable to keep "pulse" green in the BioForce HRV app, or "pulse" is flickering between green and red, try the following. 

Step 1 - Try restarting your phone. This should restart the app.

Step 2 - If using a wireless receiver, make sure it is plugged all the way in the headphone jack. Try removing your device case, as it often impedes the wireless receiver. Also, be sure to hold the wireless receiver close to the transmitter of the heart rate strap. 

Step 3 - If using a Bluetooth HR strap, make sure Bluetooth is turned on both in the device settings and in the app itself. To do this, open the BioForce HRV app, and click on the edit tab in the lower right portion of the screen. Then, make sure that "use Bluetooth smart strap" is turned on.

Step 4 - Make sure you wet the inside of the HR strap, the smooth portion of the strap that touches your skin to improve connectivity.

If you're unable to keep "Valid RR Int" green in the BioForce HRV app, or "Valid RR Int" is flickering between green and red, try the following.

Step 1 - Make sure your HR is close to your normal resting HR.

Step 2 - Make sure you are calm with no distractions, which includes; talking, moving around, constantly checking the device, or distracting sounds. 

Step 3 - If your resting HR is in the low 40's or if your HRV score is consistently above 90, try taking your reading from a seated position. Doing this will show greater variability. It's normal for your resting HR to go up a few beats and your HRV score to go down when readings are taken seated.

Lastly, battery life within the heart rate strap will vary. It is not uncommon to have to replace the battery but in some cases, we've found simply removing the battery from the transmitter and wiping it down will solve any issues.