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HR Strap not working on 2nd day

I've only had the system for two days. This morning, it doesn't want to register the strap. I've done all the things you're supposed to do with getting the sensors wet; putting it near me; and I still can't get it to show green on both the RR & on the pulse.

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Same problem - where are the replies from tech support?

Mine ended up working by washing the band and sitting upright.

Taking the battery out seemed to reset mine so it worked.... I hope it doesn't happen repeatedly

Hello MB and Mike, 

I would be glad to help. Please send me an email at [email protected] if you are having issues with your chest strap. 

I have the same problem. Yesterday I used it for the first time and everything went smoothly. Today the my phone (Samsung Galaxy A5) couldn´t connect to the strap, even after a precautionary battery change. How is this possible? Please help.


Another error message says: Bluetooth HRM not compatible.
Please help!!


Hi Alex,

Here are some steps to connect your strap and phone: 

1. Restart your mobile device.

2. Wet the sensors and wear the chest strap around your torso, just below the pectoral muscles.

3. Go to Settings>Bluetooth and pair the transmitter (for Android systems, use pin code: 000000).

4. Open the BioForce app and click on Edit (make sure the Bluetooth option is selected).

5. Click the Measure tab and follow the directions on screen (the "Connected" light should be green).

If you continue to have issues, you can contact me directly: [email protected]

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