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Generally high HRV, but really not very fit nor active

How would you interpret the situation where a person generally has high HRV, but isn't particularly active nor unusually aerobically fit. She does, however, meditate. Should she exercise more or less? I'd guess more. But then a high HRV should mean to take it easy. Or does it matter since it's often high? I'm confused.


Just like many other areas of fitness, health and wellness in general, HRV has a genetic component. Some people just naturally have higher HRV and lower resting heart rates without having to do much physical exercise. Also keep in mind that just having higher HRV alone doesn't guarantee a high level of fitness, there's still a lot of pieces to the puzzle that have to be developed in order to become fit.

In general, she will probably end up having a higher level of work capacity than average and could probably handle higher levels of training than someone else of her fitness level, but this does not necessary that she "should" exercise more or less because of it. She should exercise as much as she needs to, no more, no less, and looking only at an HRV score without the context of everything else can't single handily answer that question.

Wow that is interesting, I have at the moment been close to completely sedentary for 6 months and my HRV clocks in at 85, just started taking it a few days ago.

And I practice Acem meditation daily.

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