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Website shows Red, App shows Green

Yesterday was Amber (drop in HRV), but I trained pretty hard anyway.

Today (05/09/2013) my HRV has jumped to 90. The App (Android v2.0) shows this as Green while the site shows Red (readiness=4).

Which one is correct? I need to know whether I should train today or not.

I've read Joel mention elsewhere that the App is correct, but based on how I feel and my activity yesterday the website result seems more likely.

Please help, thanks.

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Sometimes the stimulus takes an extra day to show an affect or change in readiness. If you were amber and trained pretty hard and the next day you are green, it might show up more the following day with an amber or red. Try and notice those trends in response by comparing your training log with your HRV scores.

Is there still a discrepancy between the App and the website?

I agree that sometimes there is an extra day's delay between a training stress and a change in HRV. However that does not relate to my problem.

The web site and the phone app are based on exactly the same data set, yet they have come up with a different result for the same day.

This implies that the calculations are implemented differently between them. So the question then becomes - which  (if either) is accurate?

First, make sure you have the latest version of the app since our last update, that could create your discrepancy.

Another reason for a difference in data sets would be if you deleted a data point or entry on your phone or device, make sure you delete that point on the web app as well.

I am also running into this discrepancy between app and website.  I have an itouch (operating system 4.2.1) which apparently will not support the latest version of the app.  I have also noticed that it will only hold about a week's worth of measurements before it tells me "insufficient memory" and it will not take another reading until I delete a few old measurements. 

Should I be deleting these on the website too in order to get the readings to match?  I thought the point of the website was to be able to look back over your data and notice trends.

Today my hrv went up 5 points, but the app flagged it as amber.  website gave me green.

Thank you for your help

same here.
app says red (which makes sense after 3 days of training), but the website says green/10?


that version of the iPod should not have a problem supporting the latest version of the app. Our systems show you are using the latest BioForce updated versions. If you are deleting data points off your device, make sure you delete them off the web app. This could be the cause of your discrepancy. I wouldn't delete them off either one in the first place. If there is insufficient memory on your iPod, I would try and clear some space up, whether it's photos or music or videos.


have you been deleting data or entry points off either the mobile/device app or the web app?

dear patrick,

not to my knowledge - i did a first time test when i bought the H7. i deleted that reading on the phone, not sure if that even transfered to the server/web. Then, i started my regular readings - three up to now. the values show up correctly both on the website and on the app as well. just the "interpretation" seems to be different, as i mentioned. red on the app, green on the website.
thanks for you support,


I just tried to update the app on my itouch.  It told me I needed iOS 4.3 or higher to support the latest app version. 

I have very little extraneous "stuff" on my itouch, but I will do a clean out and see what I can get rid of.

I enter my data into the website manually.  My device and the computer don't talk to each other except for syncing itunes.

Another question--Why would an increase in HRV raise an amber flag?  I thought an increase would be a good thing....

if you show amber and are high from an HRV increase you are still in the recovery process. The amber just means you are not in optimal range. The book Ultimate Guide To HRV Training explains this in greater detail. You basically have a optimal range (which would give you a green reading), but you can be amber high, or amber low outside of that optimal range.

If you have WiFi access on your iPod Touch, and it is enabled, it should upload to the website automatically. 

Alexander and Kathryn,

I will touch base with Joel when he gets back in and see if there is anything else we can do to correct it. It might just be something we have the developers look at if we can't remedy it on our or your end.

Thanks for your patience.

My itouch does have wifi, but as far as i know, nothing has uploaded automatically.  Thank you for looking into it.


I'm having this issue as well.  My app says amber, but the site says green.  I've only taken 2 measurements (yesterday and today) and haven't deleted anything.


Give it a week to ten days worth of measurements so the system has enough data to make accurate measurements. They will sync once you have been using the system a little longer. 

I'm also having this issue. App says red, site says green. I have been logging for 2 months straight. I think the app is right, but i'm not sure. 

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