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App won't open (crashes)

My app will no longer open. It just crashes, closes, and takes me to my home screen.  I have reset my phone several times and still nothing works.  Any solutions?

4 people have this problem

My APP wont let me log in, it keeps saying i am not a member when clearly i am a member

My hrv (on iPhone) doesn't work. More than a time it occur an error: not enough memory on disk. What does it mean ?

Just downloaded IOS 9. App won't open
App won't open. Just downloaded IOS 9
Just updated to ios9 and app won't open.

So are they just not gonna fix this problems I'm about to write an article on these guys describing all the unseen is discrepancies that they are just ignoring.

Should have saved the $250 and stuck with my free app. It still works!

just downloaded  ios9 and it does not work.

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