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HRV and Menstruation

So, this is for the ladies out there.

I am a kettlebell sport lifter and one of my teammates and I have noticed about a week before our period our HRV scores nose dive and our heart rates increase. Just wondered if any other women have noticed the same trend?

Yes!  I have been measuring HRV for 5.5 months and have noticed the exact same thing.  You can see from the attached graph the cyclic nature of my HRV score.  Furthermore, I end up with several consecutive red days.  I'm glad to hear that at least one other woman has this happen.  Anyone else?

I've gotten much nerdier with it since my last post. I now have a spreadsheet where I track the day of my cycle (using the day I get my period as Day 1), HRV and heart rate. This way I monitor which part of my cycle I see the HRV drop/HR inc and I will adjust my training and diet accordingly. I have even been able to make decisions about the timing of my competitions based on this data. I love my Bioforce! 

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