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Default chart range

The default chart range now appears to be 40 - 120, which makes it harder to analyze my data which is only in the 60-80 range. Can you make the axis range configurable or auto scale?

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Peter, the range is greater now to account for the resting HR graph that has been added.  As of now, the chart will be 40 -120.  

I will pass on the suggestion for the chart to auto scale to Joel.

+1 All my data is compressed into the bottom half of the chart.

I wanted to mention to a friend that my HRV has been climbing over the last XXX days, but with the scale currently used on the chart (40 to 120), it was impossible for me to replace XXX with an actual number.  

The reason being that although my average HRV is indeed rising, I can't really tell from looking at the graph when that actually started.  I can't tell, because all the data is compressed into a narrow little band that takes up less than 6-8% of the total vertical space of the graphic.

Please implement one of the following:

1. let the user set the range of the graph

2. let the user zoom vertically

3. use one range for graphing HR data and a different one for graphing HRV data.  display one scale on the left and one scale on the right.

4. Implement option 3 plus let the user configure the ranges for HR and HRV data.

The current situation squishing my data into 6-8% of the vertical space of the graph borders on making the chart useless.

Chris, thanks for the feedback. I will pass your comment on to Joel.

I'd like to add another vote for the importance of this. Thanks Howie.

Terrence, you got it!  I'll pass it on!


The graph should be back to it old self again!  If the range is still to large, be sure to turn off the daily HR. 


Super!  I see now that I've been climbing since mid September.  Don't have an explanation for that, but at least I can quantify it now.

Thanks Howie!

You're welcome.


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