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Filling out your daily notes

I have been logging notes on my workouts daily.  Everything from my sleep and diet the previous day to my workout or mobility work the day off.  A couple things I am not sure off are the RPE scale and the Training Load. I assume they have to do with the Rep scheme and Intensity but I do not know how to mark them.  I'm sure this is in the manual, but I am being lazy and hoping someone will simply give me a lay person's answer.  Thanks!


I can't stress how valuable the information in the book is. I would definitely take the time to read it. But as to answer your questions in the meanwhile....

RPE stands Rate of Perceived Exertion. It is a personal rating on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being extremely hard, 1 being extremely easy, depending on how you felt about that workout. Totally up to you.

The Training Load is something that is more measurable but few people have the means and the equipment to measure it. You can try and look up equations to determine training load, but I can't be sure how accurate they will be without comparing them to specific tools designed to measure just that.

Tim and Patrick.

  Maybe Joel will be adding more features to enhance BioForce HRV.  I know he already partnered with PUSH Strength.  Which I'm extremely excited about.  

Thanks for the reply. Just so that I don't come across as a total slacker, I did go into the book and figure it out. It was pretty simple and straight forward. Thanks again

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