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Positional Influence on HRV

I just started monitoring HRV over the last week.  I have noticed that my HR is very low in supine (45-55bpm) compared to sitting (60-70bpm).  Today I performed the test in both positions.  My HRV was very different between the two positions.  My HRV had been in the 80-90 for the last 4 days.  Today my supine HRV was 101 but my seated was 60.  I am confused as to what this means.  I am thinking I should be performing my daily test in sitting.  Any thoughts or insight from anyone?  Thanks.  


  I'm been using HRV for about 2 months.  I haven't had any difference in readings when I sit or lay down.  My avg HR is 55-60 bpm.  The key for me is to make sure my heart is in resting state.  The first week I used HRV, my readings were very erratic because I wouldn't

wait until my HR was at resting.  My preferred position is sitting in a chair, but I recline my seat back as well.  



This is some information about taking HRV measurements standing vs. supine:

I think the takeaway is to do it in the same position to ensure consistency.  HTH.

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