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Restarting workout regimen

I am restarting my workout regimen and am wondering if it makes a difference to wait until after I am back in shape or start using it now.

More specifically, I just had a kid and have been away from the gym for several months between work and kid-care. That said, my weight also increased, as did my blood pressure and resting heart rate. The mornings I find myself flat-out-beat I push through workouts. I am hoping HRV helps me maximize the days I have more energy.

Any tips for just starting back up with working out and using HRV?

Anthony, considering you are flat out beat in the mornings due to your schedule, I think using HRV is ideal.  You don't have to get "back in shape" before you start using BioForce HRV.  In my opinion, using HRV will help you get back to a level of fitness you are happy with safer and sooner.  I agree that it's important to maximize the days when you are "green" and still be productive when you are "amber" or "red." 

We all want to get in shape as fast as possible, unfortunately, the body isn't always on the same page as us!  Take it slow and get a little closer to your goal every day.

Good Luck


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