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In the red while on the way up. Thoughts?

HI there.

I was wondering if anyone could clarify why I would be in the red today when experiencing a measurable increase (+6) in my HRV score from the day before (which was a green reading for that day).  I've included two screen shots.  One of the last few days, and one of the month.

FYI, I have very erratic sleep due to insomnia and it contributes to pretty wild fluctuations in my reading.

Ian, even though you had a 6 point jump in your HRV reading today, you were probably red because you were out of range (high) when comparing your score to your HRV average.  Remember, you can be amber high or low, as well as red high and low.  Joel talks about this in the HRV training guide and offers some strategies to deal with being too high or too low.


Lan, I had insomnia for 40 years (4 to 8 hours sleep every 3 days) which was resolved with a very low carb diet - lots of low Glycemic Index veggies, good wild caught meats, omega 3 fats. Read "Epic Paleo Rx" by Dr Jack Kruse MD. Enjoy, John

Good to know Howie.  I am part way through the manual and will pay close attention to that section.

And thanks for your input John.  I've experimented with both low, mid and high carb Paleo diets for over three years (currently mid range carb Paleo) but I think this is a bladder issue.  I tend to fall asleep fine but wake up to pee several times a night and often can't fall back to sleep, which is what seems to lead to my fatigue. 

Diet, fluid intake and macronutrients don't seem to affect my bladder sensitivity.  I've also had this twitchy bladder most of my life and at 38 it's not a prostate issue or just "getting old" syndrome.  Thanks for the input all the same though.

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