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I just started using my HRV system. My score has been in the mid 90's all week but I feel overtrained one of the reasons I started to use HRV was to monitor this. I was feeling this before I ever started HRV. Is it possible to have a good HRV score/readiness and be overtrained?

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how has the trend gone since then. Sounds unusual, what you initially reported. Mine seems to be what I expected if perhaps a little low


Sorry for the late reply, but a high HRV score isn't the same as a good HRV score.  Higher does not equal better.

What you're describing actually matches what Joel describes in his book as an indicator of having reached stage 3 of the training continuum (overtrained/burnout).  From page 55: "HRV during this stage will reflect ... decreased sympathetic activity with much higher variability than normal.  Training more will only increase this variability even further as the body is shifted into a highly parasympathetic state....".

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