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Deloading necessary HRV???

Is a deload week necessary if your readiness score is decent and your pretty much always in the green??

Follow your programming but consider pushing yourself harder during your next training cycle.  Read the HRV Training Manual to understand how HRV reflects stress and the contribution of training to that stress.

I did read the Training manual and i wasn't expecting it to explain stress,sympathetic and parasympathetic balance and the sort,so thank you joel and all those who were involved.To rephrase my question i guess is is it ok to push intensity in the restoration phase as long as your in the green??Its probably not likely im going to be in the orange or red all through out the week.

@Miyazwa I'd guess the answer to your question is on page 107 of Joel's book.  "...make sure the intensity stays relatively close to where it was during the loading phase, while only the volume is reduced.".  He explains why elsewhere on that page.

@chirs miner

Damn it i totally messed the restoration phase then.

My hrv was about 10 to 15 points lower after the loading phase which made me think i needed to take off some of the intensity to allow recovery,volume wasn't to high during this either.My hrv is still alittle lower then now then it was before i started by i was able to beat my old 6min copper test so that was a relief.

but still i would have liked to have a lower resting heart rate and a higher HRV score.I guess since RHR and HRV are still the same its only the adaptation in the muscles that allowed me to beat my old cooper test????Mabye??But my threshold according to my old test was 165 and the new one was 175 so mabye not??

I think if your cooper score goes up, then you're aerobically better off.  As far as I understand the court is still out on whether or not you can train to get a higher HRV like you can to get a lower RHR.  The evidence on how RHR is affected by training is pretty clear.  So I wouldn't worry about my HRV not going up on average.  Taking myself as an example, a month and a half ago my average HRV was as high as 70.  Then I started training again, and now my average HRV is 52.  Looking at my training database, I can see my AHR has dropped 16 points for cycling (same pace, same course) during that time.  There is no way I'm less aerobically fit today than I was a month ago.  I don't think I'm training too hard, but probably I should probably meditate and or decrease other stresses in life.

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