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2x bugs...or is it me ?

this could be me but

1. app: when I just want to look at my graph I can't seem to do it unless a hr monitor is present

2. on the app it seems to show the effect of the FIRST of today's reading whereas the WEB READINESS thing seems to show the last of TODAY's readings - I think the web is right and the app wrong. eg if I take a reading and then another within an hour or less then I would expect the lowest values to be used.

neither of these are significantly affecting my life in any way so not urgent :-)

1. I'm using an android and it's best to switch the app back to ECG sensor mode from bluetooth LE after taking a reading. That wayi don't get prompted to connect to bluetooth the next time I open the app, but if I forget then it's just a matter getting the timing right and clicking on the Edit button after selecting No from the "do you want to turn on bluetooth? " and before the question appears again (this is the bug I think, that it keeps asking even though you've said no). 2. Pretty sure that I read in the Wick starter gid that this is the case. The app will only record the 1st reading whereas the webapp had more flexibility.

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