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For 8 straight days, even though I have been training regularly, I have been Green and a readiness level of 10. Then Yesterday I popped Amber and a readiness level of 8 which was a day off. The only thing I did was do some foam rolling and some AIS for about 30 min total. The next day, which was this morning I popped Amber again and a readiness level of 6. My first question is. Can foam rolling and AIS stress my system that much or is this more then likely an accumulation of the previous days of training?

Next, Like I said, I popped Amber and a readiness level of 6 this morning. When I got to the gym this evening I really wanted to stick with my current programming for weight used, reps and sets, so I did. Although, I realized according to what Bioforce was telling that I should scale things back. I am on the second week of my programming so its not too intense yet, so I went ahead and hit Squats and Deads the way I was supposes too. I kept a close eye on how things were going and I had absolutely no problems doing any of the workout. I did scale some and I left out the optional work of doing explosive work with box jumps and squat jumps.

My second question is. I typically workout late at night and then take my HRV first thing in the morning. That being said I am usually only getting from 6 to 8 hours of down time from when I finish my workout to when I am taking my measurement in the mornings. This really isn't all that much time for my body to recover from the training the night before until I take the test. Would it be possible for me to be in a green state and high readiness level by the time I actually hit the gym the next evening? 

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