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More than one reading legit?

Been doing hrv every day for 10 months now.every morning same routine..get up,go to john,lie back down & take reading.also caught up in wanting to have higher scores.noticed recently that if I take a second reading 2-3 mins after first my rhr is often a point or two later and my resulting hrv 4-5 points higher.i suspect it's because I've calmed further after my little bathroom quite pleased if I can do this and say lift the hrv over 60 as it gives me a more positive outlook on the day ahead.i realize that it's stated that the first reading is most accurate,so is what I'm doing somewhat legit or am I gaming the device? furthermore today was an opposite phenomenon in that my first reading was 59 @ rhr 54(amber7), 6 mins later 64 @ rhr 57(green 10).which seems illogical? Overall I feel justified because usually the higher second reading is more how I 'feel',on the other hand if the second reading is lower I delete it,I'm always taking the higher of the two. Does anyone else do this? Is it ok? Or am I just fooling myself?

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