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MMA Athlete - 105 - 107 too High HRV score?

I'm currently 4 weeks out from a 3x5 min MMA fight at 155lbs. The last two weeks I've been bouncing between the mid 90s to 107 with a RHR between 38 - 42. I'm currently on a high/low protocol, doing speed & power work on Mon & weds, roadwork 2.0 on tues & thurs, Fridays off and high int. sparring on Saturdays. My HRV score seems to be higher after my high intensity days(mon, weds & sat) I've read time and time again about most fighters such as Mighty Mouse trying to have a score around 88-90 on fight night. Does this mean I need to pull back my aerobic work in attempt to drop my average HRV? Does this mean I'm parasympathetic dominant? How should I adjust my training if that is the case. Any help is greatly appreciated! Shout out to Joel & Howie your books and videos have been a great source of information.

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