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Very high HRV

I have just started using the HRV system this week and am surprised to see how high my HRV numbers are. From what I read, a combat athlete should be around the 80s - 90s range if they are in great shape, but my HRV seems to be hovering between 100 - 110. 

A little background on me, I am in decent (but not extraordinary) shape, I can run a 1.5 mile in 10 minutes, but I definitely don't think my score should be that high. I just came off a 8 week general endurance block and started recording my HRV this training week after a 10 day deload period. 

I guess what I'm asking is should I change something? Is this normal and am I just over reacting? Am I parasympathetic overtrained? (I don't feel like I am) Should I maybe delete my 5 entries and begin recording HRV again from the sitting position?

 Genetics play a role in HRV, you may simply have higher HRV than normal. There is no reason to change anything just because you have high numbers and it's unlikely you're parasympathetically overtrained.

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