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Pre-Comp & Comp HRV readings

Hey Guys, just started out with the app prior to a CF comp & would like a little feed back on the HRV readings please. My graph as you can see is below and below that are explanations & questions.

Blue blocks left to right:-                                 HRV (morning)

1) Pre comp test block - Oly lifting                         93.6               2) Pre comp test block - MAP 5min x 2-3               91.2

3) Rest day -                                                        92.8

4) Oly @80% 1RM                                                90.3

5) Rest Day - over reached                                    89.4

6) Rest Day - felt rubbish                                       90.6

7) Rest Day - nearly human                                   92.5

8) Rest Day - excited                                             89.6

9) Comp day 1  - buzzing  4 WODs                         86.4 

10) Comp day 2 - dumped before 1st WOD              71.6

11) Rest Day                                                         80.2

I willing pushed myself into over-reaching & then took 4 days of rest, prior to the 2 day Crossfit competition. My HRV readings gradually started to fall from Friday to Saturday morning but i was high as a kite. Im guessing i had started to head into my Sympathetic system (fight or flight) here? I completed 4 WODs on Saturday and slept real well in the night.

My Sunday reading was off the chart red & i felt myself dump just before the 1st WOD & it was hell. everything was heavy heavy heavy and i felt sluggish. Did my Sympathetic system 'burn out' so to speak & my parasympathetic system just take over?

Interestingly my girlfriends HRV stayed constant throughout the whole comp, dropping only a little on the Sunday. She has a much better aerobic base than me (as a former marathon runner) and i'm guessing this has helped her body's ability to remain in homeostasis?

Many thanks for any feed back. The books awesome by the way & i'm learning loads. 

Regards Steve                   

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