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iOS 9.0 and bioforce

I upgraded yesterday to iOS 9.0 on my iPad and today when I opened the app it immediately closed.  Restarting didn't help.  

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Me too! This is really annoying, because although I can use the software on my iPad and confirm the color/readiness on the website, this software has no way of sharing the ongoing data between my devices within the app. Why did we pay so much money for this app again...???
Me too! It seems to work when you delete the APP then start up again but then the next time I use it it doesn't work and immediately closes. If you switch off Bluetooth the app seems to open but as soon as you turn Bluetooth on it closes
Having the same issue as above on my iPhone after os09 upgrade. Really disappointed as in an overreaching phase right now and have been relying on bio force to chart me through. Guess today will be guess work which give the money parted with is really unacceptable.

Hello everyone,

We have submitted an update to Apple to solve this issue, and we are waiting on them to approve it. 

There is a temporary fix until the update goes through. Pair the Apple device directly to the transmitter, instead of letting the BioForce app find it. Go through Settings>Bluetooth and connect the transmitter. Once it has been successfully paired, open the BioForce app and take your reading as normal.

Please re-post and let me know if the workaround lets you take a reading. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience.

Thank you, Conor!  The workaround you suggested worked for me. Now I am just missing the data from the 3 days that I used my phone instead of my iPad.  I know I can get all the data on the computer, but I do like to see the trends on the iPad.

Hi Mary,

Glad to hear the workaround was successful!

At this point, there is not a "download" function for the mobile app. This is a great idea however, and is a feature that we are looking into as we seek to improve the overall functionality of the BioForce app. Stayed tuned!

I upgraded iOS 9.01 recently on my iPhone 6 and still when I opened the app it immediately closed. Resetting didn't help.  How can I fix this??  Please help.  Angela

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