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iOS App

Hi guy, I want to know if there is a appliction for iOS appareil (tablet). And where I can find it? Morpheus, is it only for Android systems?

Morpheus is not released yet but will be soon. There is no iOS tablet version of either BioForce HRV or Morpheus, but you can install the phone version. 

Thank you for the quickly reply.

So. Unfortunately I have only a tablet with iOS system but there is no problem... I continue to use my phone with Android system.

When will be possible to buy Morpheus? And what are the difference with BioforceHRV, that in my possession?

And sorry for the trouble, I work as i physical coach end strenght & conditioning coach for endurance athletes, track & field athlete (speed) and a soccer team, there is a specific product for this type of activity?

Thank yuo very much.

Matteo Comi

Morpheus will be available again in March. There are many differences, you can read about Morpheus here:

Morpheus is the recommended product for the athletes you mentioned. 

Ok. Perfect. Thank you very much. I'll wait to buy it.

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