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Coach's Access

I purchased the HRV system as a recommendation from my coach about a year ago.  A couple of comments then the request

1) When I cut and paste my log to send to my coach, it does not include my HRV data.  This data shows last to first

2) When I send my HRV data, it shows the data from first to last.

3) He can't see the graphical data.


Would it be possible for the HRV and readiness data to be included in the notes so my coach can easily view what is going on when he sees my log and/or have his own access to my files?

Would it be possible for my coach to post my workouts to the site prior to my HRV reading?

Jeff, the easiest thing would be for your coach to access your web account from his computer, as long as you are okay with giving him your username and password.  He would be able to see all of your HRV data as well as your notes.

Howie, I'm a coach and have the same concerns. I receive the emails daily from my clients, but I will soon be managing up to a hundred clients that are training from remote locations, and I need a more effective means of monitoring their HRV data. Is it possible to set up the website for coaches so that when I log in, there are a list of names, and I'm able to see the charts for each person I am coaching? The most effective setup would be for the coach to have a list of active clients, and the readiness color from their most recent reading. That would enable coaches to monitor hundreds of clients more efficiently by being able to pull up the graphs of the clients experiencing low readiness scores.

As a coach I am no longer able to see the detailed graph on the website to see the readiness scores of my clients, including myself.  Why is this?  A message pops up saying that I no longer have permission to do so.  Thank you

Hi Hrvoje,

We discovered this bug in our system and we are in the process of solving it now. I will forward your name to Joel and we should have it sorted out soon.

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