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Monthly HRV Load

I have been using my HRV a little over a month and love how it gives me daily feedback, but I am confused a little about my monthly HRV.  This first month, my training was fairly moderate, Windler 5/3/1 with some supplemental lifts when I had time and some steady state cardio. I might have pushed into more glycolitic workouts once every couple weeks.  That said, I was in green 4-5 days a week and only seemed to drop into amber or red if I didn't get good sleep or had a lot a stress for some reason.  My blue line did go down a bit over the month since my HRV was in the upper 80's when I stated and seems to hang out around 80 or 81 now, but I was somewhat shocked to see my monthly HRV load in the red.  Since I was in the green more often than not, what does this mean? Should I be pushing harder or am I pushing too hard?  

I hope this makes sense, and thanks for any help.

Tim, we took a look at your data and the reason why your monthly HRV load is red is because you are down 6 points over the last 30 days.  The only way this will happen is if you are under is a significant HRV load.  We did see periods of mostly green days, however over 25% of your days over the last month were either red (3 days) or amber (5 days).  These days are most likely the culprit for the 6 point drop.


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