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HRV monitoring vs. medication timing

Hi, I'm new to the community and HRV so my apologies if this has been discussed or is in the wrong forum. I take medication for ADD that raises my heart rate during the day (Adderall). That means that my heart rate is artificially elevated when I am doing my training in general. The medication generally wears off by later in the evening and is not present in the morning until I take it. So my question is; when should I be checking my HRV? Before I take the meds in the morning? After the meds take effect? After they wear off in the evening? Has anyone dealt with this sort of issue? Any ideas?

T, I had somebody email me about the same thing.  It's best to take your reading in the morning before you take your medication.  

Thanks! Will that still accurately reflect the stress levels present during exercise?

It will accurately gauge your readiness to handle stress that day.  Whether the stress comes  from exercise, lack of sleep, mental stress, etc, it's just measuring your autonomic nervous system's function.

The stress levels present during training will vary on numerous factors such as your HRV readiness, fitness levels, type of training, diet, sleep patterns, etc. 


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