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High HRV - Medium Readiness

Hello BioForce Community -

For some reason my HRV is high (82) but readiness is Medium - how is this possible? I had a "green" readiness yesterday with an HRV around 76 and intentionally did a basic 40 minute cardio workout to continue recovering back to the high 70's/low 80's.

Workouts were pretty basic, run in the am, weights every other day with the exception of Saturday - I pushed myself harder because I didn't see my HRV drop enough based on my workouts (indicating I could be working out a bit harder); the Sat workout really took me down for a couple days (pushed a bit too hard). So on the 2 "Red" days following, i just walked for 30-40 minutes each day until I recovered.

The 82 with medium readiness seems backwards. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide with understanding the reading!

Attached are a couple screenshots for reference.

Anthony, the reason that your HRV score was high and your readiness was amber was because you were out of you "optimal range."  Remember, your HRV is based on a 7 day moving average.  When we show high HRV scores and amber or red readiness, that mean we are still in the recovery process.  I think you were still recovering from the amber and red a couple of days prior.  

Check out the HRV Training Guide because Joel talks about this exact thing.  It would seem that higher a HRV score is better, well yes and no.  Short term it generally means you are still recovering (parasympathetic) but over time if you HRV score increases, that would be a sign of improved fitness/ability to handle stress.  

Had the same problem, thanks useful answer. +1

PS. New here only ~6 days of data.

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