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High HRV

My HRV reading has been between 92-101 over the first 3 days I've been using it.  Resting Heart Rate while laying down is between 46-51.

Train Regularly sometimes 2x a day.  

Is this Normal??? Other people I know using it are having levels in the 70's and 80's

Hey Phil,

I when I get higher readings it has been generally a result of some hard training where my sympathetic nervous systems is kicking in.

I think there was something about this in the book - if you bought that. I would suggest getting a baseline of HRV data when you are not training twice a day so that you can see what "normal" is for you. Then when you train you will see the variation between days which is really the key to using this tool I find.

I have just over a month of data now and been pretty bang on with changes in fatigue.


With HRV scores that high and your RHR that low, try taking your reading in the seated position.  You are obviously very fit and taking your reading seated will show greater variability. 

Also, my readings are generally in the 80's where as my co-worker Patrick's readings are in the upper 90's.  Many endurance athletes with very developed aerobic systems are consistently in the 90's and 100's where as many of our strength/power athletes are in the 60's an 70's.  Your numbers are your numbers.  No need to compare them to other peoples numbers.  The readiness score is the one that matters.


Thanks guys appreciate the suggestions. I will start over with it from the seated position after a rest day. Have only had it for a week so no big deal to start witha a clean slate. Thanks again.

Good info, as I'm in the same boat.

Started doing readings seated.  Now ranging from 80-86, resting HR between 50-60 This is more in line with what I expected since when I was coming off an injury that sidelined me for about 7 weeks.  Thanks again!

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