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Unexpected Readiness Score

Hello HRV'ers. I have a question about a reading that I received this morning.

Typically for me, the lower my RHR the higher my HRV score and that usually translates into high readiness. However, today, the opposite occurred. I have a lower RHR, and higher score, but I am red 9. 

Is this an error or is it reading correctly?

In case its needed, I worked out M/T and took W as a recovery day. Today TH, I expected to be recovered? Normal sleep pattern, etc.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Adam,

I had same thing last week. It has always been like you, when RHR is low, HRV is high and readiness green. Suddenly last week, even though I had an easy week behind me and constant green, I get RED. My RHR was 40 and HRV 91. This is the first time this happened to me since I started using BioForce end of last summer. I ignored the reading and went on doing hard interval session and next morning I was green again....(?).

Anyway, I have been using HRV as reference only, still trusting how I feel. Working with HRV rather than following it.


HRV is a method of quantifying the deviation of successive R to R intervals from a mean. It has nothing to do with resting heart rate; although the two factors are effected by similar variables.


Your low heart rate may have been illustrating a high parasympathetic response, which would have also been reflected in the R to R intervals, resulting in a poor HRV score.

I also thought there was a correlation between low RHR and higher HRV, but now that I've been using the system for more than a year, I've seem plenty of measurements go either way.  Loads of high HRV with either a high or low RHR.  Probably true of low HRV measurements too, but I haven't paid attention to those.  Probably it means something but I don't know what.

BTW, before I started taking these measurements, I had no idea that RHR was such a meaningless expression.  Mine fluctuated in a 20 point range over the last month.

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