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Setting an HRV ' Baseline' reading & Shift work

 Hi Team,

I work shift work with different start and finish times everyday for 7 week cycles.

Sometimes I'm day shift, late shift or night shift.

I read in the accompanying HRV manual by Joel on page 11 talks about setting an HRV reading based on a time when you are recovered (but adjusting over time)

So my question is:

If I work shift work is my baseline number 'correct',

even 'over time'?

The reason I ask is because my  HRV readings are generally high most of the time 85-90+ and I do very little in the way of aerobic training - Joel also makes mention of high parasympathetic activity being associated with an overtrained state on page 56

Part of me thinks that although I have a high HRV reading this perhaps reflect my body always (or for the most part) being in a parasympathetic state and trying to recover being constantly screwed up from the altered sleep cycles and sleep deprivation.

Thoughts are most welcome! Thank you :-)


I currently work a rotating schedule as in no two weeks are never the same back to back and rarely do I get off work at the same time two days in a row.  However, in comparison to you I am usually sleeping at least roughly during the same time most nights.  I still just always take the HRV upon waking up regardless of what day it is (work, rest).  The HRV should still be giving you a good reflection of your recovery as long as you are consistent on when you take your reading based on what time of the day it is for you.  Hope this idea helps. 


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