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Web Reports Enhancements

The web reports are really nice - great work! A couple of items I've noticed that would make it even better, list is in priority order. A. Ability to chart HR data, perhaps in a seperate line chart B. Have the list of notes include all notes from the selected time range instead of just the last 4. C. Add a note type for tagging Rest Days (eg. Strength, endurance, mixed, rest) D. Would be interesting to be able to chart the RPE and duration information from the notes to get a better view of how RPE and duration affect HRV on subsequent days. E. Ability to turn note flag off on the chart. Now that I am adding daily notes, chart is cluttered with flags F. More of an idea to consider - Similar to RPE / duration for training, quality / duration for sleeping? The goal of HRV is to optimize the balance between training and recovery, because sleep is a key part of that recovery, optimizing sleep seems as important as training. So someway the measure quality of sleep. I do know there are some apps that use the movement sensors in the phone to measure sleep quality (eg by tossing and turning, etc). Anyways. Thanks for listening, keep up the great work!

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I like all the suggestions, in particular C.
I'm not a professional athlete, I just train 3 times a week: marking every day as a training day seems too much :)


I think adding a rolling 10-day average for HR the same way there is for HRV would be useful.

Why is there not a BLUE line like on the phone app?

The blue line with the rolling 10-day average? There is one. Make sure you have "Average" selected.

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