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6 days of readiness 10, but ... what does that really mean?

It would be nice if "the system" produced more concrete statements about the data.  I was sick for about two weeks, and until the very end of that my readiness was 9 or 10 at least every other day.  The last 6 days it has been 10.

During the last 6 days I skated a marathon (personal best time, thanks bioforcehrv!) and ran my fastest 5km training run.  My RHR was between 60 and 67 and my HRV between 53 and 65.  During the time I was sick, my HRV was between 47 and 66 while RHR was between 63 and 72.

Surely with all that fluctuation and changes in the context of training load there is more to say than green, green, green, readiness 10?  I guess I'd like more interpretation of the data.  Right now I feel like this interpretation is mostly up to me, and unfortunately I'm no expert.

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