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A sound alarm when ready

Hi J

It would be helpful, if the app would have an option of giving a sound alarm when the measuring is done.

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I  imagine that the issue with that is that the earphone jack is being used by the receiver, so the sound just ends up there. But perhaps they could make the device vibrate instead.

Teppo, Terrence is correct.  The earphone jack is being used by the receiver, that's why you aren't getting the sound at the end of the test......however you can plug headphones into the receiver and this will allow you to hear the alarm.

I would love to have an alarm or sound if the bluetooth connection gets disconnected.  I can't tell you how many times I've laid there for more than 3 minutes and then realize the connection was lost. 

Optimally, I would love to have an alarm ring when the measuring starts AND stops and if the connection is lost. 


Jill, are you getting the bluetooth strap wet to help get a good connection?  Before you hit start, make sure the "pulse" is solid green. 

I'll pass on the suggestion to Joel today.

Howie - yes, I moisten the HRV strap, but sometimes I still get it timing out.  Not a big deal, but if there was an alarm that told me it stopped recording it would just be more convenient. 


Noted..... I'll pass this information on to Joel.


PLease note in my other posts that I am NOT able to get a reliable connection when I have an earphone plugged it to hear the GONG.  A single long vibration when a valid HRV is derived, and 2 short vibrations (and a different "error" tone) would be helpful in the case of erroneous HRVs.

I too would appreciate having some type of vibration to indicate an error and test completion.

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