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Automatic Save

It would be nice if the HRV was saved AUTOMATICALLY after finishing, vs having to SAVE the result.  Too many times I accidently hit another part of the screen and had to re-do the test.  Why not save automatically and allow the option to delete or re-do.

IF that is not possible, please at least make the SAVE button bigger and disable most of the rest of the screen inputs.

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Another answer to this irritation would be to increase the button size from microscopic to normal. Even on my 4,7" phone, I have to be really careful when I'm aiming for the Save button.


+1 this.  Accidentally bumped the cancel button this morning and had to take another measurement.  Saving should be automatic, and a success message should be displayed.  If someone needs to delete a measurement, they can do that from the Edit menu -- but I would think that's rare.

I agree!!




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